Our purpose

Enabling excellent legal drafting for busy lawyers who care about delivering the best to their clients.

Draft legal documents in minutes

Generate legal documents automatically or embrace click drafting.

Leverage on previous work and experience

All documents in one database and experience shared through notes.

Enjoy a robust and curated library of precedents

Access a vast library of documents and be ready to accept more work.

Enjoy an easy and integrated access to knowledge

Research case law and doctrine while you draft and access results instantly.

How it works

Word add-on

One simple click away in a software that you already know.

Your time is precious, and we know it's been hard to manage all the tasks you have in your pipeline. So instead of asking you to spend more time with us learning how to use a new tool, we made all our features available in the tool you already use: Word. We really want you to spend more time being the person and the lawyer you want to be!

Robust legal drafting database

Start from scratch, use your own templates or use one of many Legaü’s templates.

Your day has only 24 hours and you still have to find the time to create templates, organize the documentation of previous cases, and meet with colleagues to pass on your experience. And when there’s no previous experience? Either way, we want to make it easier for you. With us you can count on a robust database of templates and draft contracts and share your experience in minutes. Yes, we want you to be a happy lawyer!

Integrated research at your fingertips

Type keywords or select a concept and see the results instantly.

You are a wonderful lawyer. We know that. But new court rulings and legal papers are published every day. It’s just impossible to keep track and study everything that comes out. Nothing to fear though as we are on a mission to make your life better. Whenever you have a doubt or want to confirm an aspect, you can search court rulings and legal papers without even leaving Word. Come on, let us see that smile!

Feel like being a lawyer again now!

Untap the true lawyer in you and leave behind the dull work.
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